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Hey there everyone 
12:21pm 04/02/2007
  Hope you are all doing well!!!

I would like to see you guys get more active on this community and at this community: Hope to see you all out and about... Come on... Lets talk music, lyrics, songs, bands, musicians!! I know you have it in you!! Click on the link and have fun!!

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Do Your Part Now... so please read 
11:12pm 01/02/2007
  New to this community && to live journal. I really like it at LJ!! Also me and two friends are big JM/Soco fans. We have even created an organization to help support Andrew educate people about cancer, it is called Do Your Part Now. We have formed a community on LJ called Do Your Part Now. I just wanted to let you all know about it. Please check us out, read our bio, and feel free to add entries as well! We hope to hear from all of you. We also have a myspace page at Andrew knows about it and us. We have created buttons to show your support of Andrew and cancer research && Andrew has several of these buttons and often wears them at concerts! Anyway, I am glad to be part of the community of "all things andrew"! Please check us out and give imput and support us too! Thanks.  

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06:20pm 08/06/2005
mood: ecstatic
DUDE... Check out my new LJ layout! Here

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join <3 
08:42pm 09/05/2005

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04:10pm 10/01/2005  

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04:07pm 10/01/2005  

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12:45pm 03/10/2004
  i just found out that something corporate will be playing at ferris state university in big rapids, michigan november 18th, 2004. tickets go on sale oct 25. tickets are going to be $10.

does anyone else from michigan, or that goes to Ferris know any information about this concert?

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12:11am 13/06/2004
  can someone make me a friends only banner??

sorry xposted..

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Help SoCo Out 
02:02pm 29/05/2004
mood: happy

Help spread the word about Ruthless. Thanks kiddos.

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10:46pm 16/05/2004
  Last night i went to see soco [at the rock club in pgh] Well i posted a while back about my nephew and how he met brian and andrew. Last night he got to see soco, he had an awesome time and he got to meet all the guys. they were all so sweet to him, Brian has the picture of him and my nephew hanging up on the bus =] Here are the pics from last night:

the cutest picture ever. clutch said "lets be mean!" haha

Read more...Collapse )

it was funny because a few people recognized my nephew from lj last time. haha but it was cool.

anyways this is xposted in a few other soco communities

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08:49am 05/05/2004
  HI i'm new here and just joined today..

I'm a baby of the 80s that just loves something corporate.. 1986 to be exact. youngun. ;)

going to see them for the third time on the 15th in pittsburgh.. can't wait! :)

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10:26pm 15/04/2004
I have 2 tickets to see something corporate this weds [April 21] in cleveland, I live in pittsburgh and i need a ride. If anybody can take me they get a ticket for free. this is such short notice because my ride fell through and i just found that out. so please if anybody can take me let me know in a comment or email me

thank you!

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05:31pm 19/03/2004
mood: tired
okay i live in burlington , which is slighty west of toronto..and i was pondering if anyone is this area has the Ready...Break, or if they have any idea where i could find it...that would be great thanks!!

ps..i NEED it!!

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12:07pm 13/03/2004
mood: cheerful
OK, well this is my life right here. I bought 2 tickets for something corporate/yellowcard in cleveland on april 21 HOWEVER I am from pittsburgh and i need a ride. So, if anybody from pittsburgh is willing to give me a ride you get a free soco ticket.

Any takers?


[this is xposted in some other communities]

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09:07pm 12/03/2004
mood: excited
Hello all.

Um. I'll just get right to it.
Tomorrow afternoon Im seeing SoCo for the very first time O_O

I am scared and nervous and excited and gaaaaaahhh!!!!
Haha, I've waited soooo long for this and Im so happy! =D They're coming to Tahoe, which is the closest to Reno they'll ever get, I guess.

I'm totally prepared to meet them, I even have a stuffed animal with a note attached that Im throwing on stage XD

Wish me luck! =)

X posted in about 483548354 different communities XD

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im not your star 
04:08pm 09/03/2004
mood: bouncy
hey *waves*...i'm kylie..
SC rocks and i am incredibly proud to say i have learned how to play the piano for a couple of songs including Good News and my favourite song EVER, konstantine in Ontario..we don't get many concerts with them..and the night they're here i have exams and had to cram :(..i cried..and i know you would've too...anyways thanks and ask about me/piano whatever if you'd like here or in my journal :)

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11:40pm 15/02/2004

the band is pick an exit.. tell me what you think...

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07:14pm 09/02/2004
mood: chipper
Shake down you make me break
For goodness sake
I think I'm on the edge
Of something new with you
Shout out don't drown the sound
I'll drown you out
You'll never screan so loud
As I want to scream with you

Standing there with your smile blinding
Your eyes from seeing
My face as I'm dying
To figure out a girl
But she drifts so far away
I'm on her coast
So maybe I should stay
And map around your world

So Don't Say
"These currents are still killing me"
And you can't explain
But the wind went and pulled me
Into the hurricane

Stand up don't make a sound
Your ears might bleed
There are sweet flourescent enemies
That live inside me
The world moves faster than I knew
Not fast enough to not creep up on you

And the space we put between
So pull me under your weather patterns
Your cold fronts and the rain don't matter
Becuase a sun burn's what I needed


You don't do it on purpose
But you make me shake

Now I count the hours 'til you wake
With your babies breath
Breathe symphonies
Come on sweet catastrophe

Well, maybe this time I can follow through
I can feel complete
Stop paying dues
Stop the rain from falling
Keep my ocean calm
This time I know nothings wrong

oh the piano makes me melt:)

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08:37pm 08/02/2004
mood: blah
Hi everyone:) I just joined. My name is Lauren I'm 15 years old. I live in Ohio and I saw SoCo in September:D They were AMAZING:)

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07:07pm 24/01/2004
mood: sad
This place is dead :(

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