i luv peat wence more den u lolz sry teehee (echoinemptiness) wrote in babiesofthe80s,
i luv peat wence more den u lolz sry teehee

Last night i went to see soco [at the rock club in pgh] Well i posted a while back about my nephew and how he met brian and andrew. Last night he got to see soco, he had an awesome time and he got to meet all the guys. they were all so sweet to him, Brian has the picture of him and my nephew hanging up on the bus =] Here are the pics from last night:

the cutest picture ever. clutch said "lets be mean!" haha

Josh was really sweet, he introduced himself and everything and he was excited to take a picture with my nephew. haha

Brian is always sweet, he told my nephew he had the picture from last time up in the bus.

Bob picked him up and held him in the picture it was so cute. that was my first time meeting bob, he's really nice as well as the other guys.

My nephew was really excited to meet andrew again, he met him a little while before and Andrew is just totally sweet.

it was funny because a few people recognized my nephew from lj last time. haha but it was cool.

anyways this is xposted in a few other soco communities
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